Free Learning English Links

Use TV and movies to improve your English.


USA Learns

USA Learns has video lessons and activities all for free. There are 3 English courses teaching beginning and intermediate English. Of course, if you need attention and extra help when learning, this option may not be the best. Though the site offers technical support if something is not working, they do not offer much in terms of individual, academic support. From the Department of Education.

MOOEC (Massive Open Online English Course)

MOOEC has English classes for free, with classes organized primarily by theme. Many of the classes were developed by universities. The Elementary English Course has 18 hours of content. And there are also online courses with themes like asking for a job, managing time, writing an academic essay and more. Again, because the courses offered here are completely free, the online courses have limitations and you will not get much in terms of individual attention.