Registration For American English Class

There are two types of registration process :

  1. Register as a Student.
  2. Register as an Instructor.
  • When you register as a Student, you can start enrolling in the available courses of your choice after registration.
  • When you register as an Instructor, your profile as an Instructor is approved after your interview, once your profile is approved you can start teaching the courses, add your own courses.

To Register either you can navigate to the homepage or to the dashboard or to the Instructor Registration title inside For Teachers.

What After Registration(Student)

When you complete your registration as a student, you can navigate to the Enroll Course pages and start enrolling in your favorite courses. Our courses are designed to guide the student step-by-step toward confidence in every aspect of English.

What After Regitration(Teacher)

Once your profile is approved as an Instructor, you can now create your courses.
Follow the steps to add your course

  • From your dashboard, click on Add a new course

Select course type and course topics, duration, students allowed.
There are two
options to add courses type

  • Free
  • Paid

When you select the free option there is no need to add price or select any product.
You can add course time duration, no of students allowed inside the course page.
To add course topics & lessons: Click on Course Builder.

To add the course duration, you can add them inside the total course duration section boxes.
To add how many maximum students are allowed, and course difficulty level, you can add them inside the Course Settings > General section.

How To Add Paid Courses(Teacher)

When you select the paid option to add course details all steps are the same and to add the price you need to select the product with the same name as the course has

How to set price to course
To set the price of course you have to create a product of the same name, because if the course name & product name is the same then you can see the product name inside select product dropdown.

How To Add Products(Teacher)

To add product click on Add product in your dashboard

Add Product, title & price related details to the Product Data section

Add your course featured image to product

You have to add the same featured images in the course & product page.

How To Interact With Other Teachers

For interaction with other teachers, you can send them a message from sending a message.

It will open the popup the along with a list of instructors you can select a particular instructor to whom you want to send message

All unread messages will appear here, with a count of messages.

How Do Teachers Get Paid

The Teacher will get paid 85% of the course price as an Instructor Commission Percentage and the earnings will show on their dashboard in the Total Earnings section when their added course is purchased by the student.

You can also withdraw the amount by transferring it to your bank account,

What Do You Teach Student

Envision your success

1. Plan your course

There are a few steps that you can follow to plan your course

  • Define your view of the purposes of education.
  • Set your goals about the course.
  • Select course content & arrange course content.
  • Create a Syllabus for your course.
  • Plan to get student feedback.

3. Add your course to AEC(American English Class)

When you are done with the preparation of your video courses, you can upload them to courses, do upload the optimized video as your course may contain a large number of videos.

2. Record your video

If you have a smartphone or any camera, then you can record your course video’s. Video is a great medium for learning -it’s the closest thing to learning in person.There are few points which you need to take care of while recording your video.

  • Prepare your lecture & slides.
  • Use a good microphone.
  • optimize audio & video quality.
  • can record a test video to check the quality of your audio & video.

What Platform DO You Teach Students On

You can teach your students to our website you only have to follow these steps
1. Plan your course
2. Record your video
3. Add your course to AEC(American English Class)

What About Scheduling Your Course

You can add the your course schedule while adding a course, also you can add how many students are allowed to enroll. How your course will benefit the students, what advantage they are going to learn after completing.

How To Conduct An Online Class

We have two ways available for the live classes

  • Zoom
  • Skype

You can create Zoom meetings to conduct online can also teach online using skype calls as well.

Zoom Video Conference: You can teach online using zoom video conference it will allows your students to join the meeting straight from the page. There is also an alternative join from browser link above the Zoom window in case, the Zoom window doesn’t work for a student on their specific device or browser.

Meeting countdown: You can schedule your Zoom meetings from the WordPress dashboard and students will see a countdown timer on the page, before the meeting starts.

Zoom Video Conferencing Features:

  • You can Join the conference via phone.
  • There is a Video conference option.
  • Lock the meeting via Zoom option and prevent other participants to join.
  • Manage participants: mute, remove, invite participants.Live chat: private and group chat.
  • Allow screen share for only host or all participants.
  • Full screen distraction free mode.
  • Create breakout rooms to distribute meeting participants.
  • Make a user host or co-host from Participant’s view.

Set a Meeting Password: You can also set a meeting password while creating the meeting.

For Online classes using skype, you can also create conference call for all your students, it will automatically creates a skype group and you can choose between audio & video calls.For multiple student in a Skype Call you can skype:userone;usertwo?call this to anchor tag to invite students for live class